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About Equitas

Equitas has years of world-class experience in the development and construction of a number of precedent setting projects in and around Vancouver. We specialize in high-end custom homes, heritage home renovations and boutique development projects.

We add value to all of our client’s projects by providing real-time industry intelligence, combined with an unrivalled attention to detail and personalized service.


Our focus is uncompromising quality and our projects are consistently completed on-time and on-budget.  

Our Client-1st Approach

In addition to the day-to-day oversight of your construction project, we are involved in:

  • Permitting and Design Support - We have partnered with many great architects and interior designers and will recommend a great fit for your project and love to be involved in early stage planning.

  • Value Engineering - We will strive to save money for our clients. We take pride in ensuring our clients are not overpaying for what we think may be unnecessary architectural and/or design features.

  • Cost Savings / Trade Tendering - While we have great trade worker relationships, we always honour our "client first" commitment and ensure trade contracts are fair and always great value for our clients.  

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